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True Living Colour also has a wide range of frames and photo albums to display and protect your photographs. They make wonderfuls gifts to accompany great photos.

TLC have the means to print from digital files or develop your normal film and burn to CD as a digital format so you can keep your memories forever. Try their brand new photo teller which allows you, the customer, to interface with your digital camera and select any photos to print and/or burn to CD, as well as providing the ability for to adjust the photos to your own preference.

Naturally, they have an extensive range of film and other photographic products as well as the means to develop and print all of the range.

They are able to professionally manipulate or adjust your photos to create different effects. Whether it is to restore old photos using advanced restoration and scanning techniques or making new photos look old, through sepia toning and colour correction. They can do it all, just ask.

Images can also be printed to a number of different mediums, not just matt or gloss paper. The texture surfaces of silk, leather and canvas can provide an interesting and unique touch to that special portrait.

In addition to passport photos, True Living Colour are able to take RTA driver authority photos for special licenses.


Wedding Caricature

Fun caricatures are a great gift idea for weddings or birthdays or any other occasions. After art working and printing they can be mounted into our signature frame for all the guests to sign.

The concept is you supply us with a picture of a persons face and select a template from the hundreds available in our catalogue, we do the art working and you select what ever size print you wish, once the art work is complete you can order what ever you want as many times as you want.

Fairy Art

Fairy Photo

This very popular concept is great for your children. You supply us with a picture of your child's face and select one of the many templates from catalogue 'Fairies for the girls and Dragon Slayers for the boys' we artwork the two together and print it any size you like.

These finished images can be used on any photographic product that we carry including all the photo gifts or canvases.

Digital Prints & Enlargements

Our photo lab is equipped with the finest photo finishing equipment and we print your digital prints on high quality real photographic paper. Your photo will still look and feel like the photos from your old film camera.

Bring your CD's, camera memory card or flash drives and order your prints via our easy to use Photo Tellers. Don't worry as we have plenty of help on hand. We will then transform your captured memories into stunning real photographs.

Remember a photo just isn't a photo until you have held it in your hands and shared it with someone.

Got a great shot in your last lot of prints? Why not make it bigger. Who says size doesn't matter? Not us. We can turn your perfect shot into a great enlargement right up to Maxi Poster size 36x24 inches. We can also frame it ready to hang on the wall.

Digital prints can be made in any format, so if you want to make that great panoramic print we can do that for you too.

Reprints & Enlargements

Reprints & Enlargement from your negatives are very easy; simply select the images from the negative number on the back of your original prints, your negative strip or in the case of APS straight from the index print.

We can make reprints and enlargements from all negative sizes from APS, 35mm and all the 120 formats on quality paper.

We can make your prints and posters, starting from standard 6x4 inch size all the way up to our Maxi poster size 36x24 inches.

Convert Movie film to DVD

movie film & dvd

Unable to watch those old movie film reels? Bring distant memories to life, children growing up, birthdays, wedding, travel etc

Have them transferred to DVD :
Standard 8
Super 8
Even 16 mm

Convert Video Tape to DVD

video tape & dvd

Video tape deteriorates faster than most other media not to mention the demise of VCR's Preserve your special memories transfer VHS, VHSC, Beta, MiniDV, Video 8 and Hi 8 tapes to DVD.

Prints from Slides

Tired of having to bring out the old slide projector to view your slides?

Whether your slides are mounted or cut in strips we can easily print you slides directly onto high quality real photographic paper.

We can also make a DVD of your slide collection for viewing on your television.

Quality is dependant on the condition of your original slide.

Convert your Slides to DVD

Slide to DVD

Tired of getting your old slide projector out every time you want to view your slides? Why not have them transferred to DVD? We can transfer 35mm colour slides onto DVD so you can view them on your television using you DVD player and remote control.

Old Camera Recycling Program

Recycle Advertisement

If you have any old cameras you no longer need, don't let them go into land fill.

With our camera recycling program we collect all types of cameras and forward them onto a camera repair facility where they are stripped down to their components and any parts that can be used to repair other cameras are used and the balance "pastics, metals and glass" is sent to various recycling stations to be melted down, to help save our environment.

Photo Mugs

Have a personalised photo mug with your own picture or text ideal for gifts or special occasions.

mug poster

Greeting Cards

Make your own greeting cards with your own pictures and text using the hundreds of templates covering any occasion, installed on our machine.

mug poster

To view details and pricing please select a service.

Passport Photos

Passport Photo

We can do your passport photos while you wait. Some Countries have different requirements than Australia for passport and Visa photos We can cater for these and for RTA Driver authority Photos, Work cover Licence Photos

Our passport photos suit the Australian Foreign Affairs department specifications.

Bus and Taxi Driver Authority Photo

True Black & White Film Processing

We develop your back & white film by hand. This enables each film to be given its individual time and temperature according to the manufactures specifications.

Black and White Prints

Push and Pull Processing
If push or pull processing is required just let us know how many stops over or under exposed the film is to determine the correct processing time.

Old Black & White Negatives
If you have any old or odd size negatives you need printed even the old glass plates we can handle them for you.

Classic Portraits

Classic Portrait

Have your face put onto an old masters painting. Just supply us with a picture of your face and we will artwork it onto one of the many copies of old master portraits in our catalogue.

Photo Restorations

Photo Restoration

Do you have old and precious photographs that are damaged? Our restoration service can restore them. From a small crack to a full reconstruction, we can bring your precious memory back to new. We produce all our restorations on archival photo paper.

When carrying out this service we work from high resolution scans of the original. We do not change or alter your original photo in any way.

Canvas Prints

Want something a little different? Canvas prints are a fantastic piece of art, that look great in your home or office. Our canvas's are stretched on a strong durable frame and are ready to hang on the wall.


The canvas does actually wrap around the frame so make sure there are no critical parts of the picture too close to the edge of the image that might be lost on the wrap around.

Photo Collages

Can be made to suit a special occasion or event like a Birthday or Wedding or a car rally or restoration project. It is a convenient way of displaying many photos in a small area.


Prints from Prints

Don't have a negative or digital file? - no problem.

We can produce copies from your original prints. Reprints are great for sharing with friends or putting together family albums.

These can be produced in colour, Black & white or sepia, and are all printed on archival quality real photographic paper.

Quality is dependant on the condition of the original we will be copying from. Our laboratory staff can advise you on optimum size print that can be made from an original.

Do you have a shoe box full of Old Photos?

Why not have these digitized and burnt onto a DVD for viewing on your television. This can be a much more convenient way of viewing your old photos.

Photo Box

Photo Books

If you're having a Holiday, Wedding or a Party you can make a special photo book to remember the occasion. Our photo book machine has hundreds of templates to lay you book out with.

mug poster

Copyright : All images are covered by the copyright laws. The determination of wether a photo can be copied is who owns the copyright or if the copyright has expired. If you don't own the copyright you must have written authority from the owner to copy them.